Many times a painting needs just to be cleaned. This example shows the before and after of a painting restoration. The old varnish which has collected dirt and other pollutants such as nicotine need to be removed. This is done carefully and a new coat of varnish is applied. Please give us a call at 973-538-1373 or stop by in Morristown, NJ to get your painting restored today.

restoration process

In some cases, more extensive restoration is needed as in the case of a tear or other damage. In these cases, our restorer examines the painting and proceeds in the following manner. If the paint is lifting in any areas it will be set down with a wax-resin and then relined to a new linen canvas. At this point, any tears would be repaired. When a painting is relined using new stretchers if necessary, the original canvas is infused with a
wax-resin formula. This adheres to a new natural linen canvas. A wax reline is strong, light and stable. The formula penetrates the original canvas, reattaches the ground and paint effectively, and serves as a moisture barrier. The painting is re-stretched and fully cleaned, exposing the damaged areas. The surface of the painting is then sprayed with a synthetic varnish and the paint losses are filled with gesso and inpainted with pigment mulled in varnish. A final coat of varnish is used to protect the newly restored painting.
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